Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

I wake up every day with the hope of expressing myself creatively. It matters less exactly how that is manifested, but that at the end of the day I’ve achieved some creative goal. After college I worked as a stoneware Potter for many years. 

Next came sculptural pursuits and I developed techniques with clay to create relief tile murals. I also make hand painted ceramic bowls with abstract and realistic designs inspired by nature. Landscape design, wedding florals and design, and wood carving has giving me many years of creative expression as well as providing income. 

In the last 10 years I have discovered my most recent passion as a painter working in oil’s. I paint landscapes and still life, animals and florals. I work from photographs and in plein air. I travel throughout California and the country with my husband in our vintage trailer where I paint on location. 

I strive to paint in an impressionistic style and am inspired by those works found in early California impressionism. To capture and document a place or a moment in time is immensely gratifying. Each new paining is a steppingstone. They challenge me to learn, to see, to grow. They guide me as an artist, as a woman and as a lover of nature. To be on this path pursuing my artistic endeavors gives me immense joy.   

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