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Monday-Wednesday 11am-3pm

 Thursday - Sunday 10am-5pm. 

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Message from the Gallery  Manager

I consider myself to be greatly fortunate to have become an artist/participant in Mountain Arts Gallery. It is pleasure to simply walk through the door. The art work, with all its color, creativity,variety and craftsmanship brings joy to me. The gallery has become my second home, and the artists, my second family.

It is with great honor that I serve as their gallery manager.

Joyce Johnson

Assistant Manager

After retiring from Film and Television production as a cinematographer, I moved to Lake Arrowhead from Los Angeles, and now focus on my still photography as a member of Mountain Arts Gallery.  Recently I was lobbied to become assistant manager facilitating Joyce Johnson (gallery manager).  Mountain Arts is a wonderful group of eclectic artists of all ages and backgrounds and has become a new adopted family of sorts.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Dean Lent

Mountain Arts Network Gallery

28200 State Highway 189, Lower Suite Bldg-E 120          

Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

The Mountain Arts Gallery is located in the Lake Arrowhead Village in a lovely lake-front location next to the Belgian Waffle Works restaurant. Park in the lower large parking lot and walk towards McDonald’s and the lake below the restaurant. The Mountain Arts Network Gallery is located in the next building on the left overlooking the lake.


Monday - Wednesday 11am-3pm

Thursday - Sunday 10am-5pm

Phone: (909)744:8450

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