Who We Are

Mountain Arts Network (MAN) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization made up of local artists and residents whose mission is to foster an appreciation for visual arts. We create opportunities for artists and students, bringing fun and educational events to the San Bernardino Mountain communities while increasing commerce for artists and businesses alike.

MAN Bylaws

What We Do

We encourage and facilitate art opportunities  in the San Bernardino Mountains. All donations go to support our art educational programs. Twenty percent of all sales in the gallery, at festivals, events, and online go to support our continued commitment to foster art in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Donations are accepted through our storefront. 

Current types of opportunities for members and folks interested in art education or art events:

·        Co-op art gallery by the waterfront in Lake Arrowhead Village

·        Low cost art classes taught by accomplished artists

·        Free art classes for special needs adults

·        Gallery events and exhibitions

·        College scholarships for graduating high school students

·        Online eCommerce gallery shop

·        Provide meeting place for art groups/organizations to network and share ideas

·        Volunteer or donate at our events in support of our mission

Become Member

Join MAN and support art in our mountain communities. 

MAN member benefits:

·        Exhibit art at special events & festivals

·        10% discount for all gallery purchases and classes

·        Potential to be in the Lake Arrowhead Gallery (must be juried in & be at least a part-time resident of a community in the San Bernardino Mountains)

·        Network and sharing opportunities with other artists and members

Apply online in our shop

or download the application and return it to us by email, mail, or in person at the Gallery in Lake Arrowhead

Membership Application

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