Ongoing Fine Art Classes


“DRAW ANYTHING”  with Rick Rotante

1:30pm to 4:30pm
CommunityArt Center Room #120

Rick Rotante has been a professional artist over forty years and has exhibited from NYC to California. 

His work can be seen on the Internet at

Email: | Contact 909-233-0425
$30 per class.

Classes are Pre-Paid for the month. Cost is $30.00 per (3 hours)   No refunds for missed classes.

Payments are due, in full, on the first Tuesday of each month. 

If you are frustrate yourdrawings are off, not drawn well or misshapen, this is the class for you. Classeswill show you how to construct any form or object and create amazing finisheddrawing.

Classes also cover design, composition, placement, lines, shading, dimension and perspective. 


Supplies list:

18x24 newsprint pad.

Several General 6B softcharcoal pencils.

Stadler hard eraser

Kneaded eraser

Stick of white blackboardchalk

Materials supplied for first class

Using Format