iLia Fresco

Ever since I remember myself as a kid, I was always mesmerized by making art, or watching it being made. Time stood still – that was tranquil and eternal.

I was very good at all things “school”, and that’s not to take lightly – we had to study nuclear physics in high school. At some point I had to face some realities of life, like what’s next? Everything seemed dull and predictable, like going through the motions, just make sure you pick the “right” ones and you are all set!

Art was the only thing that made sense after all… And what is more eternal than fresco!?:

I am a contemporary fresco painter. My work embodies large scale true (buon) fresco installations and fresco objects. My exhibition history includes museums and galleries internationally. My projects are featured on the covers of Architectural Digest USA, Italy, Germany and other major publications. Also I have designed and produced décor for several Academy Awards (R) Governor’s Balls and other events.
I am the author of the Buon Fresco Painting Foundations Tutorials and the founder of the Fresco School (
Presently I am working on over 6000 sq. ft. fresco and sgraffito iconography project at the "Project Mexico of the Orthodox Church" (Baja Malibu), private fresco installations and portable frescoes. I teach and lecture on fresco painting at the Fresco School, The Getty Institute and other venues. My home base is Lake Arrowhead CA.

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