Dean Lent

Dean was born in Hawaii in '61, raised in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and graduated with honors from UCLA film school in '85.

Over the years, Dean has worked as Director of Photography on independent features including the Sundance darling Gas Food Lodging and Jack Frost Killer Snowman; in recent years he's shot TV segments in L.A., New York and Chicago for Tyra Banks, Nate Berkus and Steve Harvey. Dean is now "unofficially semi retired" in Twin Peaks just focusing on his still photography.

His photographic obsessions tend towards finding the beauty in simple, undramatic, often banal visual "moments"; striving to pull out complex abstract patterns, design, and composition with bursts of intense color and a unique "drama of its own" in places and things most people walk past or drive by every day without noticing. He also loves massive dramatic landscapes shot with classic Japanese asymmetry.

This "mission" began with a low end flip phone (remember those?) taking pictures of the street he lived on in Manhattan to send to his mother. He hated the image quality so downloaded a free photo manipulation app and in a few hours made the low tech cell phone photos look like impressionistic paintings. In a few years he was showing his works at Pleiades in the gallery row of Chelsea, Manhattan.

Dean now shoots on a Nikon Full Frame D810 and uses Photoshop Lightroom, but he still uses some of the post techniques developed back with his 1.3 megapixel flip phone giving his work a unique, quirky "signature". And his history in film/tv also give his work a cinematic feel.


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