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Susan Priest, is an artist and ecologist. She spends much of her life jumping into the deep end of the lake as a negotiator of change. 

Presently, Sue is building the foundation for Castor Peak Catchment Solutions, LLC, an environmental company dedicated to the possibility of increasing the capture of water upon the land (i.e. catchment solutions) through means which focus on less human magic and more naturally abundant magic. 

Sue has dedicated over 15 years her life to wetland work of any kind, no job was too small or to great, but often required a life of wading through unknown territory in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Extensive wading has taught Sue a number of life lessons: 1. Be willing to listen to everyone, 2. When you are drowning, ask for help, 3. Paddle gently, but firmly and with direction 4. Be present and be willing to meander 5. Immerse yourself in the current as a creator of possibility in the world 6. No obstacle is too large…for water 7. Don’t compare yourself to others…grass is greener in the wetland anyway, and really what’s the point of comparison… 8. Life is too ephemeral to be shallow 9. We can work together, and we must if we are to have healthy wetlands, watersheds and communities.

Sue obtained a BS in Ecology and Environmental Science from with added minors in Studio Art and Native American Studies from the University of Maine. She continued on through the University of Florida, to acquire a master’s degree in Forest Conservation and Management with a concentration in Ecological Restoration. By the time both degrees were completed Susan had acquired over 280 college credits spanning a variety of specialties: Ecology (wetland science, ecological restoration, soil science, forestry, botany, agriculture, and biological soil crusts), art (both 2 and 3 dimensional art) conflict resolution, education, and cultural studies.

In her spare time and to keep her sanity while wading through unknown territory Susan creates beauty, through art. 

She creates art through a variety of mediums, but copper is her primary medium of choice.

 Presently, her art work can be found at Mountain Arts Gallery in Lake Arrowhead, California, Redlands Art Association Gallery, The California Welcome Center in Yucca Valley, online at suepriestinnovations.comETSY.comAmazon handmade, and at a variety of outdoor art festivals.

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