Sandra Charlebois

Sandra Charlebois loves impressionism with its interaction of light and color. She paints mainly in oil, demonstrating a free style with her brush. Using a full spectrum, colorful palette she is influenced by French and American impressionist painters. 

Balancing this background in landscape painting, Sandra has developed a passion for painting intimate portraits of bears with their many moods. Her latest series, fondly called Sandy's Bears, is a fun interpretive encounter about a young bear visiting her back yard and her fascination with these beautiful, lumbering creatures. The colorful paintings call up the viewer's imagination to view each bear's personality. Sandra has great fun painting, and never knows how the bears will turn out on the easel, as they develop a life and personality on their own. 

Sandra lives in Lake Arrowhead, California. She loves the dramatic changes of the four seasons and the abundance of wildlife and beauty. Sandra earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from California State University, Los Angeles, and a California Teaching Credential. She taught for several years and raised a family of four children. She resumed her passion for painting after her children had grown. She is a member of Plein Air Artists of Riverside (PAAR), CCAA, Redlands Art Association, and Mountain Arts Network. Her paintings can be viewed at the Mountain Arts Network Gallery located in Lake Arrowhead Village and The Gallery in Big Bear. Please contact the artist to inquire about the original oil paintings. 

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