Rick Rotante

Rick Rotante is a professional artist. He attended the school of Art and Design in New York City. Early in his career he was tutored by two instructors from Pasadena Art Center where he learned new techniques. After graduation he did a two year stint in New York City advertising. When he moved to California he was inducted into the California Art Club while working for Walt Disney Pictures and Television in Burbank. He worked for Walt Disney 17 years.

Rick instructed oil painting and portraiture classes at Glendale Community College and Oil Painting classes at Art Classes of Pasadena.

Currently, Rick displays his work in the Mountain Arts Gallery in Lake Arrowhead, California. He also set up shop in New Mexico where he taught four classes at New Mexico State University before opening Raven Art Studio in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2016. He taught personalized courses in painting pastel and drawing. His current show at the Raven Art Studio is called Stolen Culture. He has exhibited his work in national exhibitions in New York City, California, Montana and now New Mexico.

You can follow his work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. His internet website is at rickrotantefnart.com.

He also has two head painting demonstration videos currently on YOUTUBE.COM

He is the author of the instructional book " THERE ARE NO FLESHTONES. In addition he writes a column on life as an artist called Musings from the Easel also on FACEBOOK.

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