Nancy Anderson

Nancy Anderson has been a Running Springs resident since 1987. She studied Art History and Photography at Glendale College and her photography has always been a representation of her passions. Living in close proximity to the Los Angeles Zoo, she was a frequent visitor, photographing the bears and orangutans. Another passion was tennis and as a tennis instructor she was provided the opportunity to photograph tennis professionals.

A Wildlife Rehabilitator, Nancy has been a bear handler/trainer at a wildlife sanctuary in the San Bernardino Mountains since 2003. Her guiding spirit and inspiration is evidenced in her photographs of her beloved bears. As a Black bear specialist and educator, Nancy's goal is to communicate the importance of wildlife conservation through her photography. In her Bear Awareness programs, she often quotes from an unknown author, "If you do not know them, you will not love them; if you do not love them, you will not protect them."

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