Linda Jones

In November of 1999, Linda and her mother moved to Lake Arrowhead from Glendale California. Her brother Jack had already established his family there. As soon as they arrived Jack had firewood delivered. Linda inquired about the company that delivered the wood. Linda had always loved the outdoors, maybe this would be something new to try.

She had just retired from dentistry, managing offices for twenty-five years. The following day she went to the landscaping office and got a job delivering firewood and clearing lots for fire prevention. Living in the forest Linda was amazed at the abundance of cones and pods everywhere. In the past she had to drive to a forest. After a few years she got her landscaping license. 

She recently retired from landscaping and makes wreaths full time. After over forty years she has perfected them. In the beginning she used a hot glue gun. Soon she realized that wasn't good for long term survival of the wreaths. Now cones are wired to a framework and a industrial type glue is used for smaller cones that can't be drilled and wired. The cones for each wreath are cleaned and baked to kill any insects. A coat of satin acrylic is used to create luster and long lasting results. 

Winston, her little seven-pound dog doesn't accompany her when collecting. He is too tender footed. He does however supervise in the making. Showing and selling the wreaths at the gallery has given her inspiration to create different types of wreaths. Coming in the future are pumpkin, heart and Christmas tree forms.

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