John Tobias

I began expressing myself through photography as a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan from 1970 through 1972. I roamed the crowed bazaars of Kabul in search of photo opportunities which presented themselves generously in the form of faces rich in character, framed in colorful and exotic scenes painted with a timeless brushstroke.

I now have a catalog of nearly 1000 images that beautifully capture that peaceful sliver of time in Afghanistan’s history prior to 40 years of war. I also have an extensive portfolio of photographs from India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Jamaica, Europe and the United States. These include landscape, portrait and street photography. I pride myself on strong composition, rich color presentation of intriguing places and faces.

I have been a licensed addiction counselor (LAADC) for thirty years with a MS degree in Counseling. I specialize in group therapy, and often use my photography as a therapeutic tool. My wife, Laurel, and I reside in Crestline, CA with our dog and cat, Fiona and Taji. I have been making Eye Contact with the World for 50 years. I intend to continue until the final click of the shutter.

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