James Londagin

Website: www.jlondagin.wixsite.com/mysite

 I have loved painting since early childhood, beginning formal painting lessons at age 11 and continuing with art classes through college. Excelling in art classes, I went on to study architecture, then earn a Bachelor's degree in Design from the UCLA School of Fine Arts.

I began my career as a restaurant designer immediately out of college where I achieved national recognition, with my work published in several hospitality design magazines. I advanced to the positions of Design Director and Creative Director for a nation-wide restaurant design firm, and was recruited to establish and head a new marketing department as Marketing Director. Through a long and curious career path I currently enjoy teaching marketing and business classes at three southern California high schools.

From a very early age I have been fascinated by things beautiful in their essence...an object, a face, a setting, an experience.

I am inspired by the grace, beauty and simplicity of American life at the turn of the century. My collection of illustrative paintings entitled "Remembering America" seeks to evoke fond memories of simpler times and pleasurable events - the day-by-day experiences that made American life great.

I select subject matter that unfolds stories in the viewer's mind My work incorporates both vintage and current-day images, blending a variety of inspirations into each painting. My style is influenced by artists and illustrators such as Thomas Eakins, Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell, but incorporating a more contemporary treatment. I choose to work primarily in acrylics on canvas in sizes appropriate to the subject.  

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