Dennis Warnesky

Since being introduced to the art of photography at the age 15 Dennis has been hooked on making images that tell a story, invoke an emotional response or show the world in a different light or point of view. 

After attending Photography schools in New York and Boston he landed his first job teaching photography to 4th through 6th graders in an after school program. 

On his way out the door for his first class he received a call from the editor of a large weekly newspaper offering him his first shooting job as a news photographer.  

Within three years his career took off. He landed a job as a commercial photographer in the fashion industry in New York City. He worked in New York City for 5 years and decided to start his own studio doing editorial photography and commercial photography for ad agencies and corporations .Dennis spent the next 30 years working as a corporate photographer for 2 large corporations,running a commercial photography studio and as an adjunct professor of photography at Franklin Pierce College. In his over 40 years as a corporate/commercial photographer, Dennis has worked for companies such as Lockheed, BAE Systems and McGraw-Hill producing photography for advertising, public relations, annual reports and marketing. Teaching photography allowed Dennis to expand his vision of what emotion his fine art photography should convey and what was his intent.

Since moving to Lake Arrowhead, his primary focus has been on shooting and creating fine art archival giclee prints. Dennis uses photography to express his visual perception, graphic interpretation, and emotional relationship to our world. He is the president of the Mountain Arts Photographic society. The club is an excellent place for: expanding your vision as a photographer, learning new techniques, and sharing your work. The Mountain Arts Photographic Society (MAPS) meets the first Wednesday of each month from 6:00 to about 8:30 PM in the CAC in Lake Arrowhead Village. The first hours cover MAPS events and features an educational presentation on a photographic topic or technique. Each month a photography challenge is given to reinforce and use what was learned in the educational presentation. To end the night we do a critique of the past month’s challenge with constructive comments and suggestions to facilitate skill development and personal growth.

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