Delphine Beach-Jones

I was born in India of British heritage and my family moved to North Wales, United Kingdom, when I was eight years old. I moved permanently to the United States in 1966, having lived 23 years on the east coast and, to the present time, I have resided in California.

My mother taught me to let my creativity flow and her success in everything she did, which was self-taught, was such an inspiration to me. She encouraged me to follow my interests in art and I started by copying cartoon characters in the margins of the Sunday newspapers.

It was only when I was in my thirties that I attended an occasional art class at the local community college working in oils and acrylics. I continued to paint for a decade and then set aside my brushes as I worked full time and raised two children as a single parent. Approximately eight years ago I met Ray Atzet who encouraged me to paint in water colors and he said he would guide me, and for the past fours years, Ray has been my mentor. I also took a few classes with Doug Snow who taught me about my subjects, and for the past year I have been guided by Darlene Kraft who has taught me technique and how to enjoy myself, and Ray Atzet is ever present in continuing to advise me.

As I continue to pray for guidance I find myself excited in meeting the next challenge I set for myself and to transfer a blank sheet into a visual scene is the epitome of fulfillment and pleasure.

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