Alma Borcuk |

My focus has been on traditional Sumi-e and Chinese Brush painting. Ihave been studying under my mentor, Dr. Ning Yeh who is a premier master ofthis ancient art form. He is known for his Emmy award winning PBS art show andhas authored several art books on the subject.

I so love this painting style that I have decided to share this art form on our mountain by teaching. I currently teach ChineseBrush Painting at the Community Arts Center (CAC) located in Lake Arrowhead Village.

My love for Chinese brush painting and Japanese sumi-epainting techniques has quite an influence in my painting style, like my use of ink line drawings with a bamboo stick as my drawing tool and the sparse or non-existent background of my subjects.

In the tradition of Asian painting techniques, I strive to finish paintings in as few strokes as possible and to know when to stop so as not to overwork it.This produces a fresh, spontaneous and serene quality in a painting that I so admire in Chinese and Japanese art. And in the tradition of John Singer Sargent's work in portraiture, I aim to capture not only the likeness of my subject but also it's "soul".

I love nature and so my paintings are drawn from nature - animals, flowers, natural landscapes. Among these subjects, cats and dogs are my favorite. I find dog expressions and cat poses quite fascinating and that's what I seek to capture in my art.

Although my favorite medium is watercolor, I have created paintings using other mediums - ink, pencil, conte crayons, pastels and oil pastels, sometimes combining mediums to create my own unique artistic style. I do this in order to always evolve and flourish in my artistic endeavors.

My paintings are among private collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. I've also done several commissioned pet portraits. My work was featured in the December 2003 issue of Northlight Book Club Magazine. I've also done a book cover illustration for a children's chapter book by author Betty Sleep, entitled "Purrlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Valuables”.

During the 2018 Lake Arrowhead Rotary Art & Wine Festival, I was awarded“Best of Show”, selected over 70 participating artists in various art mediums.

Another wonderful thing has evolved through my art. Iam a great supporter of animal rescue efforts. Through donations of my art,I've been able to help several animal charities. My works have been featured incharitable fundraising events throughout the US and have raised funds to helpend animal suffering. This is the "icing on the cake" so to speak,making my life as an artist an even greater source of joy.

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