Rebecca Maloof

Contact: Wild Hare Eclectic Designs

From the Pacific Coast to the Desert of the Southwest, I find, in my travels, objects of interest that entice me to include them in my wearable works of art.

My studio is located at my home in the beautiful mountain town of Running Springs.

Born and raised in the vast outdoors of Oregon ranching country, I have always felt connected to the earth and its creatures. There are recurring themes in my work.

I began my education at the University of Oregon as a fine arts and special education dual major. I completed my degree with a BA in Human Development with a specialization in social change. 

With a desire to make the arts accessible, I have 14 years of experience teaching typical and exceptional students ages 1 to 18.  I have 12 years of experience in retail management that included owning my own clothing store that included a design and manufacturing studio in house as well as being in management at May Co., Bullocks, and Harris Co. where I was a buyer.

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