Wilma van Mierlo

Wilma van Mierlo was born in the village of Zundert, in the Netherlands(same birthplace as Vincent van Gogh’s birth place). Her interest in art has spanned over 4 decades, in which she has studied all forms of expression, but her love comes back to the canvas. She has also traveled all over Europe, and America in her endless study of the Dutch and European painters to Native American art structure. Each of her paintings explores the emotional,exhibiting nuance and energy. You need to explore it yourself, and feel the underlying sense of depth and deep heart. 

Wilma's education started with De Beeldenaar Art School (3 years). She has also had private art classes from Dutch painters like Hendrik van Dijk (7 years), Frans van Veen (6 years) and Margriet Oomen (6 years) and Mart Mous (8 years). Wilma continues to develop her own style, expanding on all themes including; nature, flora, landscapes, abstract and nudes.

Wilma has a studio in Lake Arrowhead, California. Continuing to enhance her skills, she still fosters her love of adventure and travel.

Wilma has exhibited her artwork in Zundert Exhibitions and Library of Breda Exhibition. In the States, Exhibitions in 2006 & 2007 were at the Burnt Mill Beach Club Shows, Lake Arrowhead, CA. She was also represented at 'Blue Jay Gallery' in the Blue Jay Village, Lake Arrowhead, CA. Additionally Wilma was a board member of Kreatief Centrum (Creative Art Center) of Zundert. She now exhibits at Mountain Arts Gallery and Belgium Waffle House.

Wilma previously exhibited art at the Canessa Gallery in San Francisco  Her work has been purchased by many private collectors in The Netherlands, Denmark and California.

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