Sue Schatz

Inspired by fine art all her life Susanne (Sue) Schatz decided to pursue her interest in painting once she retired five years ago. With encouragement from a good friend and fellow artist Sue started painting with watercolor. Mentored by her friend Sue learned color blending, watercolor techniques, sketching and other "tricks of the trade".

Sue paints mainly from photographs many of which are taken by her husband, Brian, and other family members. 

Working with a limited palette Sue likes the challenge of mixing colors to replicate the vivid colors captured in the photos. Using just two or three colors is another technique she uses to express the color experience. For example, in the painting, "Quinn's Wolves", two colors only are used to create the array of color in the wolves and background.

Sue enjoys painting from a wide spectrum of subjects. Her latest interests are barns, birds and people but you will find her painting anything that inspires her! Sue has a large family and she paints a birthday card every year for every member of her family. Presently, that's 18 cards a year!

"Watercolor painting has opened a new, fresh view of the world...just waiting to be released in a burst of color and light!!"

Blue Jay

Girl in red Dress

 Bear and two Cubs

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