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My parents gave me my first camera when I was 7 years old, which was the beginning of a life-long fascination with the beauty of the world as seen through the lens of a camera. I have been a photographer all my life. It has been a window into a world of extraordinary beauty. I realized early on that everything has beauty and interest when viewed from the proper perspective. The art of "seeing" the essence of a subject, whether it be a meadow or a person, is hard to define but crucial to producing images of lasting value. I find that, today, the key to producing those images of lasting value is taking the time to connect with the subject, whoever or whatever it is. It is reaching beyond the surface perception to a deeper more real understanding and then seeing that first in my mind before seeing it through the viewfinder.

In the beginning my focus was black and white nature photography which gave me the opportunity to study the delicate relationship of light and darkness. I came to understand that all of life is about light or the absence of it. Over the years, I have expanded into color images, architectural, travel, abstract and portrait subjects. In all of these I continue to strive to reflect that which is a celebration of our beautiful world.

My greatest joy has been the opportunity to share with others, through my images, that which is right and beautiful with the world we encounter everyday. My photographic work has helped me to see the "extraordinary in the ordinary" in the world around me, to quote the master photographer, Dewitt Jones. It has opened a portal into a deep appreciation of the true sacredness of all life.
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by John Hummel